Welder Stud Unit

[$100.00 / Day or $300.00 / Week]inc GST
Current Store Time: 2022-01-19 14:10:35

Speed of operation and portability cut costs up to 10 times compared with conventional methods, drilling tapping etc. Material saving by virtue of simpler design. There are literally hundreds of applications – wherever you require a fastener end-joined to a metal surface - instantaneously. Decorative trim, panels, structural, labels, locks, handles, etc. Attachment of pins and clips. Attachment of insulation. Installing insulation to steel and aluminium bulk heads and panels. Panels, sink units, sheet metal work, duct work, etc. Light fittings, transformers, cases, valves, semi-conductors. Ducting, sealing and studding of non-stress assemblies. Fabrication of pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchanges, duct work.
Base price includes Damage Waiver and Environmental Levy when hired online.

Welding time is less than 0.0002 seconds. 15 welds per minute possible.
No distortion or burning. Therefore no reworking on the reverse side.
Unskilled operators are all that is needed. No flux, ferrules or inert gas required.

More Information
Power 240V
Dimensions (LxWxH) 356 x 436 x 245mm
Stud Range - M3 to M10
Stud Material - Mild Steel Stainless Steel Brass