Trench Roller Remote Controlled

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Remote Controlled Trench Roller

Perfect traction and compaction
Four powerful hydraulic motors and two hydraulic steering
cylinders guarantee dynamic drive performance and perfect
mobility, even in small spaces.

The fully automatic engine control system reduces the rpm
to idle during standstill. With the first operation the engine
rises within a split second back to working speed. This
substantially helps to reduce the diesel consumption and
noise emissions.

Articulation joint with oscillation
• Permanent ground contact of all four drums for perfect
traction and compaction
• Maintenance free articulation joint
• Applicable on various materials and soils
• High stability against tipping over due to oscillation joint
• Optimised position of center of gravity, also during

More Information
Power Diesel
Weight 1450kg
  • safetyboots
  • safetyglasses
  • earmuffs
  • hardhat
  • truck
  • trailer