Pump Foot Valve 6" 150mm

[$19.00 / Day or $58.00 / Week]inc GST
Current Store Time: 2022-05-25 06:52:05

Suitable for suction lines on top-offtake tanks (where an anti-siphon valve is not present). 1 1/4 inch BSP, Brass valve body, with NBR sealing disc. These valves are often used in dispensing pump systems, particularly with Centrifugal pumps, to prevent the pump from de-priming during rest.
Base price includes Damage Waiver and Environmental Levy when hired online.

Suitable for use with water, Oil, Diesel, and many other none toxic acid free fluids.
The check valves are uni-directional; in the sense that they manage the flow in one direction only, which is indicated by the arrow on the body. Use with 150mm dia hose.

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