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Whether you need these yard maintenance tools for commercial or personal projects, we have the latest, reliable equipment for your business. Depending on the scale of the work, you may want to hire the ride-on mower for maximum efficiency.
Consult our specialists for the best advice on which type of landscaping equipment is appropriate for your business before starting the hiring process, as that will help you save time and effort in getting it installed at your work site.

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  1. Leaf Blower 2 Stroke
    Leaf Blower 2 Stroke
    $40.00 / Dayinc GST
  2. Chainsaw Electric W/Chain
    Chainsaw Electric W/Chain
    $55.00 / Dayinc GST
  3. Chain Long Handle Saw 3.3m
    Chain Long Handle Saw 3.3m
    $99.00 / Dayinc GST
  4. Brush Cutter Line Mower
    Brush Cutter Line Mower
    $65.00 / Dayinc GST
  5. Brush Cutter 4 Stroke
    Brush Cutter 4 Stroke
    $50.00 / Dayinc GST
  6. Brick Saw 355mm
    Brick Saw 355mm
    $100.00 / Dayinc GST
  7. Shovel
    $9.00 / Dayinc GST
  8. Soil Spreader
    Soil Spreader
    $13.00 / Dayinc GST
  9. Sledge Hammer 6.35kg
    Sledge Hammer 6.35kg
    $7.00 / Dayinc GST
  10. Sledge Hammer 2.72kg
    Sledge Hammer 2.72kg
    $6.00 / Dayinc GST
  11. Hedge Trimmer Pole 2.3m
    Hedge Trimmer Pole 2.3m
    $77.00 / Dayinc GST
  12. Electric Blower
    Electric Blower
    $17.00 / Dayinc GST
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