Cleaning & Polishing Hire

Need industrial grade cleaning equipment? If you are looking for floor cleaners then Active Hire is an excellent option.  We provide a full range of machines for all project sizes so you can get your work done. Whether it be floor grinders, pressure washers, vacuums, sweepers or scrubbers, we have the solution. Access timesaving, manoeuvrable hire equipment for cleaning purposes, no matter how large or small. Our team is available to give you professional advice on the right kind of equipment for your project needs, so give us a call or visit one of our locations today.

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  1. Scrubber Conquest XR 46TC
    Scrubber Conquest XR 46TC
    $689.00 / Dayinc GST
  2. Vacuum Wet Head
    Vacuum Wet Head
    $0.50 / Dayinc GST
  3. Vacuum Wand
    Vacuum Wand
    $0.50 / Dayinc GST
  4. Pressure Washer Pipe Cleaner
    Pressure Washer Pipe Cleaner
    $7.00 / Dayinc GST
  5. Pressure Washer Hose Joiner
    Pressure Washer Hose Joiner
    $2.00 / Dayinc GST
  6. Low Pressure Ext Hose 50mm
    Low Pressure Ext Hose 50mm
    $39.60 / Dayinc GST
  7. Instalock Pad
    Instalock Pad
    $6.60 / Dayinc GST
  8. Floor Grinder Diamond
    Floor Grinder Diamond
    $280.00 / Dayinc GST
  9. Floor Sander Edger
    Floor Sander Edger
    $50.00 / Dayinc GST
  10. Floor Polisher Polyvac
    Floor Polisher Polyvac
    $55.00 / Dayinc GST
  11. Carpet Cleaner Commercial
    Carpet Cleaner Commercial
    $89.00 / Dayinc GST
  12. Sandblast Double Lance
    Sandblast Double Lance
    $36.00 / Dayinc GST
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