Porta Power Pump DA Manual

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For Use With Double-Acting Cylinders.
Best suited for applications where there is little or no free travel.
The pumps, with the angled fill port, have a built in "relief valve" protection system.
This system is designed to protect over-pressurization of the reservoir from sudden back pressure.
This system also works as a seal to prevent oil leaks.
Base price includes Damage Waiver and Environmental Levy when hired online.

Convenient fill port on P23 and P55 allows pumps to be filled in a horizontal or vertical position.
Fill cap seal acts as safety valve to prevent over-pressurizing of reservoir.
Large valve knob gives added control for slowly metering loads down.

Speed 2
Volume per Stroke (cu. cm) LP 42,6 HP 2,6
Maximum Pressure (bar) LP 22 HP 700
Reservoir Oil Capacity (cu. cm) 2491
Usable Oil Capacity (cu. cm) 2245
Oil Port (in.) 3/8NPTF