Heat Exchanger 240V Diesel

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Heat Exchanger 240V Diesel
Heat Exchanger 240V Diesel

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[$242.20 / Day or $622.20 / Week]inc GST
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    The Heating Cylinder converts your existing cold water pressure cleaner into a hot water machine, instantly. Just plug the Heating Cylinder into a normal 10 amp power point, put some diesel into the tank, connect the hoses and you are ready to go, it’s that simple to have instant hot water.

    34 litres of fuel included in price. Refunded if returned full or partial refund for unused portion.

    The Spitwater Heating Cylinder can be coupled to most cold water pressure cleaners; both single and three-phase electric, petrol and diesel engine driven.
    Spitwater Heating Cylinders will heat water to 95° C, handle pressures up to 3650 psi and flows up to 21 litres per minute.

    More Information
    Power Diesel
    2m high pressure connecting hose
    Safety relief valve
    • safetyboots
    • safetyglasses
    • gloves
    • ute
    • trailer