Are You Ready For The High Fire Danger Season Ahead?

High Temperatures Are Coming: Be Prepared For The Fire Season
As we head into the warmer months, temperatures can become quite high, and some areas will become even drier. Hotter temperatures also mean we are entering into the high fire-risk season.
With proper preparation in place, you and your family can feel safer and reduce the risk of wildfires damaging your home and putting your entire family in danger. Educate neighbours and get them involved as well to reduce the risk of a fire ruining your whole neighbourhood.

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Spring’s here, the sun’s out, and your garden is finally blooming. After weeks of chilly weather and cold nights, it’s time to shake off your winter slump and tackle odd jobs in and around the house. Spring is the perfect time to start cleaning up as summer will be hot to do so, and wouldn’t you rather spend that time relaxing than working? Here are a few tasks to focus on this Spring so you can enjoy your final quarter of 2018 in peace.

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