Distribution Board LG7

[$80.00 / Day or $360.00 / Week]inc GST
Current Store Time: 2021-09-27 22:40:33

The LIFEGUARD 7 is a temporary power reticulation system which will reduce your site establishment costs, provides a safer environment for your staff and simplifies changes as your site expands.
The incorporated RCD’s constantly monitor current through the phase and neutral conductors.
Should a tool or wiring fault develop, causing current leakage to earth, the residual current device removes the power supply to the outlets.

Base price includes Damage Waiver and Environmental Levy when hired online.

Supply input power: 32A, 3 phase + N + E, 415VAC
Frequency: 50-60Hz
RCD: 4 pole, 30mA, 230 - 415VAC
Socket outlets: 4 x 15A Auto switched outlets with 2P 240v RCDS
1 x 32A three phase 3P + N + E415VAC
1 x LG16 Take-off
Interconnection: 32A, 3 phase + N + E415VAC, BS4343, CEE17,
IEC309, watertight

  • safetyboots
  • gloves
  • hardhat
  • ute
  • truck
  • trailer