Diamond Blade Soff Cut 6"

[$30.00 / Day or $90.00 / Week]inc GST
Current Store Time: 2021-09-27 18:09:39
Providing efficient and stable cutting of green concrete, these diamond blades provide the opportunity to pour and cut the same day. Random cracking of concrete slabs is one of the most costly challenges that contractors face. These diamond blades are the ultimate solution for cutting contraction joints after pouring concrete slabs. The straight, shallow cuts made produce nice, sharp edges and a great looking result.
Control random cracking in concrete slabs up to 9" thick with only a 1" deep cut.
Start cutting within 1-2 hours of pouring.
Red blades are for medium to hard aggregate and medium-abrasive sand.
Green blades are for hard aggregate and non-abrasive sand.
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