Torque Wrenches


Tension wrenches

We have a range of tension wrenches available from the tiny 3/8” drive up to a large 1” drive 1000ft lbs



Torque wrenches.

We stock a range of torque wrenches for industrial applications in mining petroleum and other industries. They are hydraulically operated, from electrically or air operated pumps; or are completely pneumatically powered. We have a variety of torque wrenches, ranging from 240v and air power packs, and 3000 ft lbs and 7800 ft lbs.

Huck installation tools

This is very specialised hydraulic riveting equipment used to fasten together two or more metal components. It is used as an alternative to bolts, as the rivets will not shake loose and can only be removed by cutting off. Used extensively in Mining equipment and Railway rolling stock. Solid rivets up to 1" diameter are used. 


This supplies the hydraulic fluid to the installation tool and is 240v electric powered.


Some of the installation Tools available


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