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Test Plugs Loader - Pneumatic Pipe Plugs.

Test plugs


BYPASS & BLOCK These pipe plugs are ideal for testing of plumbing systems in residential and commercial buildings, sewers and storm drains.

From small 50mm diameter to large 1500mm diameter 
Bypass pipe plugs can be used in any application that a regular blocking pipe plug can, but gives you the added capability of removing the bypass cap to allow for flow-through testing.

Key features and benefits include:

• Inflation Line Attached
• Pressure Gauge 
• Retrieval Cord 
• Heavy Duty


Test Plug Specifications

Pipe plugs are molded of special NR-SBR rubber, reinforced with Kevlar tire cording for durability and have a wide application rage


Size from 50mm diameter to 1500mm diameter in both ByPass or Block.

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