At Active Hire we have a variety of different sweepers.

         Magnetic-Sweeper                 Magnetic Sweeper
Code: 4614

Used like a broom, it picks up metalic particles from the workshop floor

Ideal for use in engineering, mechanical or machining environments

It will pick up nails and other metalic materials


       Sweeper-Push-Around                 Sweeper Push Around
Code: 2901

A manual walk behind sweeper that has a wide 500mm sweeping width with a rotary side brush for right hand corners and edges.

Cleaning Area Width 500mm
Hoppers Front & Rear
Capacity 40 Ltr & 10 Lt


       Sweeper-Electric-140E Sweeper Electric 140E
Code: 4601

Tennant 140E Walk Behind sweeper has a 33 in / 850 mm cleaning path and side broom for incredible dust-control and unsurpassed productivity. With a 2.5 cu.ft. (.07 cu.m.) hopper, 37" (940mm) cleaning path, two batteries (105 amp hours, 12 volt), built-in charger, main brush and side brush. Perfect for a side walk, small warehouse, or small parking lot.

Length 62 in / 1574.8 mm
Width 33.5 in / 850.9 mm
Height 40.25 in / 1022.4 mm
Weight 334 lb / 151.5 kg

         Sweeper-Self-Drive-S8 Sweeper Self Drive S8
Code: 4606

Sweep indoors or out with the Tennant S8 Walk-behind Sweeper. The S8 will sweep on a variety of surfaces, from hard floor to carpet. Run by cordless battery power, this machine will go anywhere you can. Recharge easily with the convenient on-board charger. Eliminate noise pollution with a super quiet operating level at 65 dBa. Get through the narrowest of doors with a 28" cleaning path.

Length 48 in / 1219.9 mm
Width 31 in / 787.4 mm
Height 40 in / 1022mm
Weight 196lb / 89 kg

                   Yard-Broom   Yard Broom
Powered Rotary Brush

The Ideal for professional contractors looking for a multi-season machine to tackle jobs year after year, all year-round
Perfect for sweeping sidewalks, building site, parking lots. Use to clear up after dethatching lawn
Power steering offers effortless maneuverability with the pull of a trigger
Variable speed technology – 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds with shift-on-the-fly transmisison

Independent control levers allow simultaneous engagement of ground drive and broom for easy handling 

View a video clip here of the unit

         Sweeper-Ride-On-6200. Sweeper Ride On 6200
Code: 4617

The 6200 efficiently sweeps and contains light dust and debris in one pass for increased productivity.
Open sightlines designed into the compact ride-on sweeper allow operator to confidently manouvre through tight cleaning spaces Tennant's Variable sweeping system adapts hopper-loading action to debris type.
Multi-level dump hopper so sweeper operators never have to handle debris.
Auto Adjust provides consistent sweeping performance even as brushes wear.

Cleaning path: 55 in / 1400 mm
Length 77 in / 1960mm
Height 56 in / 1440 mm
Weight 2034 lb / 923 kg

         Sweeper-Ride-On-S20-LPG Sweeper Ride On S20 LPG
Code: 4608

The Tennant S20 rider sweeper sets the standard for compact sweeper performance, safety, and value. With the sweeping power of a mid-size and the manoeuvrability of a compact, the S20 goes where you need it and gets the job done.

Simple, easy-to-use controls reduce operator training with all-levers-forward design.

Cleaning path: 1270mm
Length 2000mm
Height 2085mm
Weight 1110 kg

         Sweeper-PB120 Sweeper PB120
Code: 4608

An industrial class LPG powered ride on sweeper.

The PB120's unmatched direct throw sweeping system uses a spring mechanism to maintain a constant brush pressure regardless of surface or brush condition.
The collection system starts with the side broom(s) which shifts dust and litter to the centre of the machine and then is swept forward into the waste hopper by the large cylindrical main broom. Fine dust is drawn into the hopper by a high capacity vacuum fan.

Cleaning path: 1100mm
Theoretical Sweeping Performance (m²/hr) 13,000

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