Pressure Washers - Water Blasters

High Pressure Washers
We use and recommend Spitwater equipment.
Spitwater High Pressure Water Cleaners are specifically designed to solve all problems relating to washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting in a wide range of commercial and industrial situations.




Pressure Washer and Roto Washer
Petrol powered 4000psi

The Dual Pressure Washer combines a rotary cleaner and wand pressure washer in the one machine, with the ease of swapping between them at the turn of a handle. The water pressure is fully adjustable from 1000psi up to 4000psi.

The versatility of the Dual Pressure Washer is unparalleled. The dual washer functions and adjustable pressure make it perfect for an extensive list of external cleaning applications such as: car parks, driveways, paths, pavements, tennis courts, sports grounds, decks, machinery and more.




Pressure Washer on Trailer
Petrol powered 3600psi

Pressure Washer on Trailer 3600 PSI includes 1000 litre Water Tank

A reliable self-contained trailer unit for pressure cleaning at remote locations like construction sites where water supply is not readily available.

Petrol powered with recoil start.
30m of hose mounted on heavy duty hose reel
Hose swivel prevents kinks and hose stiffness while pressure cleaning.



       Pressure-Washer-Cold-Water-1500psi                 Pressure Washer Cold Water 1500psi
#2801 - Electric 

Water Tempreture Cold
Water Pressure 1500psi
Power Type Electric 240v                                        
Weight 51kg
Dimensions 750x500x810  

Pressure Washer Cold Water 2100psi
#2800 - Petrol Powered 

Water Temperature Cold
Water Pressure 2100psi
Power Type Petrol 5.5hp                                        
Weight 30kg
Dimensions 460x510x945

       Pressure-Washer-Cold-Water-3000psi                 Pressure Washer Cold Water 3000psi
#2804 - Petrol Powered

Water Temperature Cold
Water Pressure 3000psi
Power Type Petrol 13hp                                          
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 870x610x940

        Pressure-Washer-Hot-Water-1500psi   Pressure Cleaner Hot Water 1500psi
#2802 - Electric 

Water Tempreture Hot
Water Pressure 1500psi
Power Type Electric 240v                                        
Weight 155kg
Dimensions 1110x630x870

        Pressure-Washer-Hot-Water-3000psi   Pressure Cleaner Hot Water 3000psi
#2803 - Electric 415v 3 phase

Water Temperature Hot
Water Pressure 3000psi
Power Type Electric 415v 3 phase                            
Weight 169kg
Dimensions 1120x630x880

        Portable-Hot-Water-Unit   Portable Hot Water Unit 
Provides hot water for use with all machines

Water Temperature Hot
Water Pressure 3000psi Maximum
Power Type Electric 240v Pump | Diesel Fired Heater
Weight 132kg
Dimensions 1040 X 640 X 800

           Hard-Surface-Floor-Cleaner   Hard Surface Floor Cleaner
Walk behind model for use with water blasters

Water Temperature Hot or Cold
Water Pressure 4000psi Maximum                                 
Power Type Water Pressure
Dimensions 450mm / 18" including wheels

           Gutter-Cleaning-Lance   Gutter Cleaning Lance  
For use with water blasters

Attaches to pressure  cleaners and can extend to over 8 meters, reaching most 2nd story gutters
Ideally, gutter cleaning should be done twice a year.

Enquire at your local branch for a package deal on hiring a pressure cleaner and attachments.

           Sandblaster-Lance   Sandblaster Lance  

For wet abrasive blasting

Wet-abrasive blasting is used to control the amount of airborne dust. 
The lance hooks up to a 3000psi pressure washer and you pop the hose in a bucket of abrasive (sand) and blast away

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