Post Hole Diggers

Here at Active Hire we have available earth drills commonly known as post hole diggers

         Post-Hole-Digger-1-man                 Post Hole Digger 1 man
Ground Hog HD99 Auger Earthdrill

Code: 1349

The HD99 is designed to take the load off of the operator by being almost perfectly balanced with an auger attached, and the right angle design eliminates torque to the operator.

There are also 3 handlebar positions that allow for normal drilling, as well as close up drilling next to an obstacle such as a wall or fence. The drilling head also pivots from side to side for drilling on uneven terrain.


*Auger Speed 140 rpm @ 3600 engine rpm (no load)
*Auger Torque 275 ft. lbs. torque (approximate)
*Maximum Depth Depends on length of Auger
*Weight 134kg (295 lbs) with fluids.
*Length Normal Drilling 253cm (100")
*Length Close-up Drilling 190cm (75")
*Width 86cm (34")

       Post-Hole-Digger-2-man                 Post Hole Digger 2 man 

Code: 1325

This is the very popular Two-man Post Hole Digger. It's simple and straight forward to use. This unit will dig with augers up to 30cm DIA (12") and comes equipped with a centrifugal clutch and a finger operated, return-style throttle.

There are Safety Stop Switches located at both operator positions, which need to be deprressed for the machine to run.


*Auger Speed 180 rpm @ 3600 engine rpm (no load)
*Auger Torque 21 kgf-m (150 lbf-ft) (approximate)
*Maximum Depth Depends on length of Auger
*Weight 35kg


       auger Auger

Code: 133X

The auger (drill bit) is hired as a seperate component. Please specify desired width when ordering.

Auger Diameter:


         Post Hole Digger Manual Post Hole Digger Manual

Code: 1343 & 1317

The manual post hole diggers are available at all our locations.



         Clam-Shovel Clam Shovel

Code: 1334

Remove soil from post holes with these clam shovels.


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