Painting and Decorating Equipment

At Active Hire we have a wide range of painting and decorating tools. Some examples are:

  Paint Remover Shaver
Metabo 710 LF 724 

The problem solver for renovation work. Up to 70% time saving compared to conventional working methods.

For the environmentally-friendly removal of paint and varnish from even wooden surfaces, such as stairs, doors and windows.
Suitable for processing untreated wood
Suitable for processing notches by virtue of lateral blades
Variably adjustable milling depth
Aluminium gear housing for optimum heat dissipation and durability
Carbide reversible blade, can be used on four sides for a long service life
Extraction possibility by means of connecting an all-purpose vacuum cleaner

  Airless Sprayer
Grayco Ultra

The Grayco airless sprayer makes painting faster and easier.
Proven technology and design make it perfect for professionals who spray daily with a wide range of coatings.

Below is a short clip from Graco explaining the set up and use of the airless sprayer

Further technical details are here in PDF format.

  Wallpaper Steamer

The HTW-5 Steam Team Wallpaper Stripper is the safest and easiest to use stripper available today.
Robust and simple it also features a unique anti-scald system. 

Simply fill with hot or cold tap water and connect to the power supply.
The unit will steam-up in 10 to 25 minutes and continue to run for up to an hour and a half before switching off automatically when a low water level is reached.  Then simply disconnect the unit from the power supply, wait 2 minutes for the steamer to cool, then refill. This eliminates the need for the user to remember to constantly check the water level.

Paint and Adhesives

These are a multi use mixing tool.
The design and speed gives the appropriate consistency required for the best mix on all paints, adhesives, waterproofing and grout.

Note: Brand may vary from branch to branch

  Snappy Scaffold

Snappy is a work platform manufactured from light high strength alloy, comprising of only 2 components which can be assembled in seconds to provide a robust platform with up to 3.2m working height. Folded down, it will fit easily in the back of a large wagon, small van or utility 
Working Height 3.2m
Platform Height 1.2m
Overall Height 1.9m
Width 0.74cm i

  Trestles and Planks

We have a range of sizes available.

Trestles from 1.2m / 4' to 4.8m / 16'
Alloy Planks from 2mtr, 3mtr, 4mtr, 5mtr & 6mtr
Plank clamps - 2 wide / 3 wide / 4 wide

Basic configuration is 2 x trestle, 2 x plank, 1 x plank clamp 

Extension, Platform and Step

Extension Ladders from 5.5m / 16' to 10.9m / 36'
Aluminium Step Ladders from 1.8m / 6' to 4.2m / 14'
Fibreglass Step Ladders from 1.5m / 5' to 3.5m / 12'