At Active Hire we carry over 10,000 pieces of equipment. On our 'miscellaneous' page, we endeavour to display some of our varied range. For further information, please contact one of our branches. Branch details can be found on our contact page.

  Temporary Site Fence

Temporary site fence panels and feet. Order the quantity you need, available for short or long term hire. 


These barriers are useful for roadworks,and sectioning off roads and highways for the safety of pedestrians and traffic. Our water filled barriers can be also be used for sectioning off events and on construction sites.Water Filled Road Barriers are made from light high impact resistant polyethylene

  Road Signs

We carry a variety of different roadwork’s equipment at Active Hire, such as the road signs pictured, as well as flashing lights, traffic lights, and other roadwork’s signs and barricades. 

We also carry a range of light towers for use during night works, these range from the traditional tow behind light tower to the small footprint trolley type that are useful when space is a problem. These smaller units can also be plugged directly into mains power for silent operation.

  TARPS Large

Many sizes available - call your local branch


BBQs. Perfect for the work or weekend picnic. 


billy goat


Vacuum cleaners

We stock an extensive range of vacuum cleaners for home, businesses and factories. Our vacuum cleaners cater for wet or dry purposes.


Also available are our Billy Goat petrol powered vacuum cleaners

Remember, at Active Hire we have a range as diverse as walkie talkies to cat traps.

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