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We have a comprehensive range of Lawn and Garden equipment including:

                   Yard-Broom   Yard Broom
Powered Rotary Brush

The Ideal for professional contractors looking for a multi-season machine to tackle jobs year after year, all year-round
Perfect for sweeping sidewalks, building site, parking lots. Use to clear up after dethatching lawn
Power steering offers effortless maneuverability with the pull of a trigger
Variable speed technology – 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds with shift-on-the-fly transmisison

Independent control levers allow simultaneous engagement of ground drive and broom for easy handling 

View a video clip here of the unit

       Stump-Grinders                 Stump Grinders
Code: 1356

Well balanced, easy-to-operate and manoeuvre the SGR-13 gets the job done

With the exclusive 12-toothed tungsten carbide tipped "Quadrublade," you're assured of the smoothest cutting experience of any walk-behind stump grinder on the market.


• Depth of cut - approximately 30.5cm
• Width - 75.0cm
• Overall Length - 193.0cm
• Overall Height - 110.0cm
• Fuel tank capacity - 6.2L
• Weight - 109.0kg

       Stump Grinder SH400                 Stump Grinders
Code: 1356-9503 


The SH400 stump grinder's unique design pivots over the centre line of the wheels allowing the grinding head to sweep easily across the stump while the wheel base remains stationary.
Operator controls may be adjusted in height to suit the operator and situation.


• Depth of cut 450mm 
• Cutting Arc 880mm
• Overall Length - 1800mm
• Overall Height - 1100mm
• Weight - 170kg

       Lawn-Aerator.               Lawn Aerator
Code: 1348

The Bluebird Lawn Aerator provides for ease of operation and optimum results.
At the turn of a knob, the operator can preset the height of the rear wheels thereby controlling penetration depth of the hardened-steel, cylindrical tines. Adjustments in rear wheel height can also be made to assist machine stability and manoeuvrability.

Altering the Aerator’s mass when adjusting to differing soil conditions is simple. Instead of wasting time and water filling and/or emptying water tanks, two solid weights can easily be removed or added to offer optimal soil penetration and balance for easier slope aeration.

The plugs removed by the Bluebird Aerators are deposited back on the lawn where they break down and become top dressing.

       Lawn-Scarifier.               Lawn Scarifier
Code: 1355

The Bluebird Lawncomber PR18 can cover an 18” swath and will achieve superior results in a variety of grass and soil conditions. It is operator friendly, has increased versatility and productivity.
A successful lawn care programs start with a good dethatching or “power raking” job.

       Turf-Cutter                 Turf Cutter
Code: 1331

The Ings Turfcutter is a great machine as it is simple enough to use for a home gardener, but also efficient and reliable for contractors.

Using the wedged blade driven by an oscillating cam, the machine can cut to a depth of 1-10 cm and a proficient operator can cut turf from 20-50m per minute, depending on requirements and conditions

       Line-Mower                 Line Mower - Trimmer
Code: 1366

The Grillo HWT 550 is a strong & robust quality wheeled trimmer which can cut down tall grass & vegetation with absolute ease.
A unique feature is the cutting head which can be tilted in 3 positions to either side.

The wheels can be off set on this model allowing you to trim up to walls, fences etc
Changing the special profile cutter line is easy, just take a length of the supplied line, form a knot in the middle and pass through the cutter head.

       LawnEdger                 Lawn Edger
Code: 1347

For small, medium and large yards 
Very Easy to Start
Very Fuel Efficient
4-blade cutting system
Cuts neat edges everywhere
Edges anywhere including round corners and curbs and gutters

       Brush-Cutters         Brush Cutters
Code: 1304

Reliable Honda powered Brush Cutters

          Lawn-Vacuum   Lawn Vacuum - Billy Goat
Code: 2905

The Billy Goat Lawn Vacuums have earned an unmatched reputation for performance and durability.
They are simple to use and easy to maintain.

Features like 12" wheels for low rolling resistance, large bag capacity, easy height adjustment, and a voracious appetite for anything from leaves to bottles or cans make this vacuum a popular choice. Cleanup in less time, with less effort and do a better job

       Lawn-Mowers               Lawn Mowers
Code: 1313

Easy Start 4 Stroke Lawn Mowers
Complete with Catcher

  Chain Saws
Code: 2161

MS 250 Easy2Start WoodBoss
You can't go past this remarkable chainsaw for regular hard work around the house or light commercial applications.
All the 'easy' features with a load of power. Even a very slow, smooth pull of the stating cord will have you up and running.
Bar Length (cm) 45
Weight (kg) 4.9

       fertilizer    Fertilizer
Code: 1307

Fertilizer and seed spreader
This walk behind unit makes spreading seeds and fertilizer a quick task

    Rotary-Hoe   Rotary Hoe
Code: 1326

For both home use and professional use.

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