Ladders, Trestles, Planks & Scaffold

At Active Hire we carry trestles, planks, clamps, safety rails, scaffold sets and ladders

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Snappy Scaffold

Snappy is a work platform manufactured from light high strength alloy, comprising of only 2 components which can be assembled in seconds to provide a robust platform with up to 3.2m working height.
Folded down, it will fit easily in the back of a large wagon, small van or utility

Max. Working Height 3.2m
Platform Height 1.2m
Overall Height 1.9m
Width 0.74cm


Trestles and Planks

Trestles from 1.2m / 4' to 4.8m / 16'
Alloy Planks from 2mtr, 3mtr, 4mtr, 5mtr & 6mtr
Plank clamps - 2 wide / 3 wide / 4 wide

Basic configuration is 2 x trestle, 2 x plank, 1 x plank clamp

                 Safety-Rail-Kit   Safety Rail Kit

We strongly recommend the use of Safety Rail Kits on all trestles and plank combinations over 2.4m / 8' height

  Mobile Aluminium  Scaffold

Mobile scaffold kits available in single and double width - upto 9.0m

Safety screens available
Toe boards upto 2.5m in length


  Extension Ladders

Extension Ladders from 5.5m / 16' to 10.9m / 36'

  Electricians Ladders

Fibreglass Step Ladders from 1.5m / 5' to 3.5m / 12'

  Step Ladders
Aluminium Step Ladders from 1.8m / 6' to 4.2m / 14'


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