Jack Hammers & Breakers

Here at Active Hire we carry a wide range of different types of demolition equipment from jack hammers, breakers, demolition saws, rock splitters, and diamond core drills, which are hydraulically operated. The power source is a compact unit, either with a petrol powered motor or an electric motor. A hydraulic hose runs to the tool. The tools are very quiet in operation and creates minimal vibration. This equipment has been used very successfully in city office blocks and hospitals, with minimum disturbance to workers and patients.

Demolition tools

We carry power packs, quick cut hydraulic saws, core drills and rock and concrete splitters. Our hydraulic core drills range from medium to light. Our petrol power packs are 3500 to 7000 psi, and our rock splitter is C9 DARDA.
Our drills range from hammer to diamond to air. Some sizes for the air drills are 3/8' pistol, 1/2' pistol, 3/16' air right angle, 19 mm reversing air, 32 mm reversing air, right angle 10mm, 32mm, 52mm. We also have a rotary hammer CP9.
The image featured below (left) is a 14” hydraulic quick cut saw. Active Hire also stocks the more traditional 2 stroke quick cut saws, from 14' to 16'. 


  Jackhammer Trolley

The Jackhammer Trolley gets the job done up to 6 x faster. Adjustable angle with foot plates allows you to remove tiles with less effort.
Built in shock absorbers reduce vibrations and operator fatigue.
Suits most 16kg jackhammers

Watch it in action


Jack Hammers 
Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic models

We have a range of jack hammers, breakers with brands from Hitachi to Bosch, as well as tile lifting spades and bitumen cutters.

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