Huck Installation Tools

Huck fasteners are used in many industrial markets including mining, truck, trailer, automotive, HVAC, bus, coach, green energy and rail

Listed below is a small selection of products in the Huck Tool range that is available from Active Hire.



How it works: 

Getting the torque consistently correct on bolts can prove difficult.

Huck fasteners resolve this problem using a hybrid: half “pop-rivet,” half bolt. The tension on the bolt is created in a linear fashion and the “nut” is clamped in place and the excess bolt length is cut off.

The "clamping" or "installation" tool is powered either pneumatically or hydraulically. The tip of the installation tools are interchangeable to match the size and design of the bolt/rivet

         Huck-Fastening-Systems                 Huck Fastening Systems  

Speed up installation and accuracy with our range of Huck fastening and installation equipment.

Available in hydraulic or pneumatic operation models, specific to your task at hand.

Huck is a worldwide leader in fastening systems, and a pioneer in the design and manufacture of lockbolt technology.

Huck fastening systems are known for their ease of use, high productivity (often reducing installation times by 25% to 50%), high clamp performance, easy inspection, and unmatched durability (Huck’s high clamp force retention carries 10% to 20% greater fatigue life than conventional thread fasteners.)

         Hydraulic-Installation-Tool-507                 Hydraulic Installation Tool 507

Code: 4406

The 507 is a heavy-duty tool sized for the installation of a number of larger LockBolt fasteners.

This rugged tool provides high-speed installation in a wide range of production applications.


*Max Operating Hydraulic Pressures: Pull-393 bar (5,400 psi) Return-165 bar (2,460 psi)
*Capacity: 336.73 kN @ 393 bar (75700 Ibs @ 5,400 psi)
*Rivet Diameter: 1", 5/8", 1-1/8", 20mm

       Huck-Nose-Assembly. Huck Nose Assembly

Code: 44XX

The Huck tools and nose assemblies are easily interchangeable as per requirements.

Nose assembly selection is determined by the paticular tool, bolt/rivet type and diameter. We carry a range of these asseblies ready for use.


       Power-Rig-940 Power Rig 940

Code: 4417

The 940 electric power rig is a light weight compact portable unit for a wide range of hydraulic installation tools.

This unit features rugged construction for durability and includes a handle for easy transport, simple adjustable hydraulic outlets and quick-connection couplers for connecting installation tool hos


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