Industrial Fans

A wide variety of fans are available ranging from snail fans to a giant 1300mm 3 phase fan. Specialty fans such as carpet dryers, air powered and venture fans are also available.

       Pedestal-Fans   Pedestal Fans  

High Air Flow
Oscillating & Fixed
3 Speed models available

Power: 240V

Height: 200cm - Height may vary dependent upon available model at time of hiring
Fan Width: 70cm

      Misting-Fans           IMisting Fans

The misting fan is a unique fan that cools an area via a fine mist sprayed over its operational zone.
The misting fan allows the user to adjust the mist volume, giving the option for the fan to be used as a normal fan.
The misting fan comes with 3-speed motor and 90º oscillation.
The misting fan is a pedestal model which is highly portable and comes on a cart with brakes located on the wheels for added safety

Power 240V
Height: 200cm
Fan Width: 70cm

       Floor-Fans   Floor Fans

General purpose fan
Adjustable fan speed settingSave

Power: 240V
Height: 80cm
Width: 80cm
Fan Dia: 50cm

       Mobile-Floor-Fans                 Mobile Floor Fans

General purpose fan
High volume air flow

Power: 240V
Height: 90cm
Width: 80cm
Fan Dia: 70cm


       Hi-Volume-Ventilator-Fan                 Hi Volume Ventilator Fan

This unit creates a high volume of ventilation

Power: 415V - 3 phase
Height: 160cm
Width: 130cm
Fan Dia: 120cm

       Industrial-Class-Mobile-Fans                Industrial Class Mobile Fans

High Volume Air Flow

Power: 240V
Height: 100cm
Fan Width: 75cm

          Exhaust-Fans              Exhaust Fans

High Volume Air Flow
Tubing available

Power: 240V
Height: 36cm
Fan Width: 33cm

       Carpet-Dry-Fan                 Carpet Dry Fan

Industrial Class Carpet Dryer Fans
Three speed fan
Handle for portability

Power: 240V
Height: 50cm
Fan Width: 30cm

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