Demolition Tools

At Active Hire we have a wide range of demolition tools. Some examples are:

  Quick Cut Saw 14" 

Wet Demolition Quick Cut Saw 14" Diamond Blade - 16" also available
 A decompression valve with makes the power cutter easy to start
Ideal for cutting concrete and stone in alterations, renovations and new construction.

Power output:3,7 kW
Cutting Blade diameter 350 mm
Max cutting depth 125 mm
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 9,9 kg

  Jack Hammer Electric Powered

The Bosch Brute is the hardest hitting hammer in its class
Vibration reduction in the hammer mechanism and the grip area provides maximum user comfort for extended periods of work.

Medium to heavy duty demolition of concrete slabs and foundations.
Concrete removal for rebar connections and utility connections
Asphalt and road patchwork

Power - 240V

  Jack Hammer Air Powered

We have a range of air operated jackhammer’s of various categories and weights.
Suitable for any size, construction or demolition applications.

Click Here for air compressors

  Rock Spliter Hydraulic

Hydraulic rock and concrete splitter
Splitting force up to 413 tons
Quiet vibration free performance
Splits in seconds with controlled splitting
Dust free operation

Requires hydraulic power pack


  Cut Off Saw Hydraulic

These powerful, light and compact saws can be used to cut through concrete, asphalt and steel.
They are easy to use thanks to the open cutting face, even under the most demanding conditions
Hydraulic operation via power pack
Operate Vertical or Horizontal
Ideal for indoor / refurbishment work Confined spaces and general demolition or contruction work

Requires hydraulic power pack


  Power Packs Hydraulic

We carry a range of different demolition equipment, from demolition saws, rock splitters, and diamond core drills, which are hydraulically operated.
The power source is a compact unit, either with a petrol powered motor or an electric motor.
A hydraulic hose runs to the tool and the tools are very quiet in operation and creates minimal vibration.
This equipment has been used very successfully in city office blocks and hospitals, with minimum disturbance to workers and patients.

Note: Power Packs will vary from image shown depending on requirements

  Core Drill Tool Electric

HILTI DD130 Diamond Coring Tool

Versatile - Drills quickly and neatly in reinforced concrete, natural stone, masonry and asphalt
Wet drilling in concrete with drillstand / up to 152 mm dia
Wet drilling in concrete hand-held / up to 62 mm dia
Dry drilling in masonry hand-held / up to 162 mm dia

  Core Drill Bits

Diamond Coring Dill Bit

Available in a range of sizes.
From 12mm to 150mm dia
Other sizes on request

  Chain Saw

The diamond tip chain on the chain saw makes it ideal for square cut edges.
Use on concrete, masonary and stone work.
Water cooling and dust suppresion
Perfect when greater depth is required
Bar length - 450mm

Note: Chain saw will vary from image displayed

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