DIY Equipment

If you are new to DIY feel comfortable dealing with Active Hire. Our friendly staff in most cases has "been there", so we understand. Active Hire has a wide range of products suitable for any home project.

           Nail-Guns                 Nail Guns

We have a variety of nail guns. 2' floor T nailer, 2' coil nailer, 3' frame nailer,
Brad nailer to 50mm,
Secret Nailer/Stapler 50mm. (air powered).

We also stock the Paslode Impulse Nailer

  Jackhammer Trolley

The Jackhammer Trolley gets the job done up to 6 x faster. Adjustable angle with foot plates allows you to remove tiles with less effort.
Built in shock absorbers reduce vibrations and operator fatigue.
Suits most 16kg jackhammers

Watch it in action

           Wall-Paper-Steamer   Wall Paper Steamer

This is the best way to take care of large wallpaper removal jobs.
These machines will loosen both vinyl coated and non coated wallpaper without the need for chemical wallpaper solvents.
If used correctly the wall surface will not be damaged.
The wall paper steamers hold approx 4 lts of water and will operate for up to 80min between refills.
Plug into a standard 240V 10 amp outlet.

           Floor-Sanders                 Floor Sanders

Drum sander 8" for hardwood timber floors
Reusable dust bag
Sand paper grits from 40 - 180g
Removable handle for easy transportation 

We also carry orbital floor sanders suitable for pine &similar soft timbers that is also useful as a finishing sander.


           Floor-Stripper-and-Edger's         Floor Stripper and Edger's

We also carry a range of tile strippers for both vinyl and ceramic tiles, as well as floor edger’s

A Complete Guide to Sanding and Finishing Floors.
Watch the video below from a leading equipment supplier.
It details the preperation and process needed to achieve excellent results.


           Stair-Climbing-Trolleys              Stair Climbing Trolleys

These trolleys are very versatile and are suitable for moving everything from cardboard cartons through to heavy sacks and even large refrigerators.
You can choose either 6 wheel stair climber or 2 wheels with pneumatic tyres.
They have a capacity of 250Kg and are fitted with a safety strap

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