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Clean Scrub Polish

       Poly-Vac.                Poly  Vac
Code: 0503

Commercial 45cm, 430rpm, cord electric, universal suction scrubber/polisher, suited to larger areas, requiring higher speed polishing or light scrubbing.

The 2-speed vacuum motor, with a 2.5 litre vacuum bag, can be used in locations such as hospitals where noise is of concern, or heavily soiled floors requiring more pick-up.

Floor Maintenance Productivity
Polishing: 625m²/hr
Light Scrubbing: 400m²/hr

Wet-Dry-Vacuum                     Wet Dry Vacuum
Code: 2903

The Light Industrial Wet Dry 640PL is a powerful 3 motor vacuum with an impressive 118 litre tank capacity and is mounted on a practical tip trolley frame.

This heavy duty vacuum cleaner picks up both wet and dry material and is designed to be used in a large variety of industrial applications

•Triple vac motor - 3300 watts
•118 litre high impact waste tank
•Steel tip trolley - large 250mm rear solid wheels and heavy duty front casters

       Industrial-Dry-only-Vacuum                 Industrial Dry only Vacuum 
Code: 2906

When large volumes of dirt and debris need to be vacuumed, the machine has to be capable of meeting the challenge. That's why the ATTIX 9 ED is the right choice for building and construction sites, and for wherever the cleaning task is extreme.

While the ATTIX 9 ED is designed for super-powerful vacuuming in really heavy-duty environments, it has a noise level of just 67 dB/A at one metre. It won't disturb other workers in the area, nor will it be unpleasant to operate.

Two-motor industrial perfomance.
XtremeClean automatic filter cleaning system.
Washable PET NanoFibre Filter.
AutoOnOff for electric tool

       Pressure-Cleaner-Electric-1500psi.                 Pressure Cleaner Electric 1500psi 
Code: 2801

Water Tempreture Cold
Water Pressure 1500psi
Power Type Electric 240v                                        
Weight 51kg
Dimensions 750x500x810  

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