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Air Conditioners

We have a large stock of all types of portable air conditioning units, ready to go. Fast delivery & installation to all areas of Brisbane, gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Lockyer Valley. We hire air conditioners for all applications, including: home, shops, office, factories, schools, Government, venues, parties, marquees/tents and more... Short & long term available.

Being a Queensland company, we are all too aware of the need for air conditioning during our humid summers. We carry air conditioners for home use as well as industrial use.

We also carry portable evaporative coolers, fans and dehumidifiers:

Name Details  Dimensions      
TECO Window Mounted Air Conditioner
Code: 4113

1.95 KW
6,824 BTU
32 KG
Draw: 3.3 AMPS (240V)
760mm h
240mm d
340mm w
TECO Portable Air Conditioner Code: 4131

3.5 KW
11,942 BTU
42 KG
Draw: 5.7 AMPS (240V)
880 MM h
830 MM d
490 MM w
TECO Split Unit Air Conditioner
Code: 4125

2.93 KW
6,824 BTU
35 KG / 15 KG
Draw: 5.7 AMPS (240V)
880 MM h
490 MM d
390 MM w
TECO Marquee Split Air Conditioner
Code: 4121

1.35 KW
4,606 BTU
90 KG
Draw: 5.7 AMPS (240V)
2140 MM h
900 MM d
900 MM w

DENSO Move N Cool Air Conditioner

Code: 4101

4.5 KW
15,354 BTU
76 KG
Draw: 8.2 AMPS (240V)

1150 MM h
545 MM d
490 MM w
HANIL Portable Air Conditioner Code: 4133

5 KW
17,060 BTU
76 KG
Draw: 10.0 AMPS (240V)
1260 MM h
620 MM d
570 MM w

Quiet Cool Evaporative Cooler

Code: 2352

13,500 CFM
80 KG
Draw: 5.0 AMPS (240V)
1550 MM
750 MM
1600 MM

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